Recording June’s

This song 「不演了 Yield No more」, was written, arranged and produced by Roger, and I wanted a song referenced to one my my favorite [Sun woo Jung ah – Run with me]. We also decided to have the lyrics written by a master from Hong Kong. The lyrics was a little delayed but came in time for recording and the content was what we wanted. Roger was clearly thrilled and I’m just looking forward to recording.

Recording starts with enthusiasm but honestly a wreckage throughout!

On day 1, nothing. As in nothing recorded, not a word. I also cried in recording for the first time. Not because it was so hard to work with Roger but it was more on how could I not do it and how could I have made him lose his patience on me. Obviously because we are a couple and we might be too straightforward with each other and too at ease maybe.

Day 2, was not bad, we had 1/5 done and it was not a breeze. So much practicing on rhythm and melodic flows, I’m glad my vocal stamina was able to go through it.

Day 3 was cookoo! Only 2 lines were done. Can you imagine how torturous it was and how disappointing I was with myself? But no I will not be put down and I will go through this every minute every second and I know that I will become better.

Day 4 was 3/4 done finally and I hope we can be done by day 5/6. This day it was easier not a breeze but easier I think it’s also because Roger has decided to do it in a more efficient way a.k.a. lesser expectations From me? But I still trust that he definitely think that it’s OK and therefore we could finish at least 3/4 of it and even if we need to re-record more it’s fine.

Is it day six, anyways I‘m done with this song it’s all recorded and I just heard the rough, it could be better, I mean I could’ve done better but I really loved it!

I really can’t wait for the final product to be out to the public for listening!

So I wrote the synopsis for the song, I also designed the single cover and banner for promotion sake! Oh well, it’s not like I love to do all this but with budget constraints and manpower constraints~ I reckon that I’ll do it all myself and I’m happy to do it I just don’t know how good are they or are they even good enough.


To do list/ 2022

Instead of resolutions which I’m too late for, I’m going to come up with a to do list for 2022!

Number one: I would like to have a single every month and hopefully an album by the end of the year so that I can take part in the next year’s golden award taiwan.

Number two: I hope that I can have at least half of my own compositions in this coming album.

Number three: I would like to be able to go back to my In laws or visiting every special day or occasion, this is me playing my part of a daughter in law that is to bring their son home as often as I can.

Number four: I would like to have a few acting projects this year.

Number five: I would like to pick up a new sport preferably tennis.

Number six: I would like to pick up a new hobby, and I’m thinking floral arrangement.

Number seven: I would really like to stop shopping especially when I’m all stressed out.

Number eight: I would like to do a Marie Kondo for my wardrobe.

Number nine: I would like to have another plant! I’m still figuring out where can I put it though~

Number 10: I’m really looking forward to go back home in Singapore by CNY2023!

Number 11: Taking good care and staying healthy!

安然自得 Contentment

2022 May 26th



推出久違的創作歌曲 「安然自得」,由我填詞再和製作人游政豪合作譜曲,包辦編曲配唱和製作。

煩躁的日子和憂心的日子過得多了,也該學會與不安共存。在焦慮不安的時代裡,拿出勇氣和自我約束是與時俱進的方法,慢找回掌控自己生活的能力。希望做一首輕鬆、舒服且耐聽,讓人暫時忘了壓力、可以反覆聆聽的歌曲,編曲也用最簡單明瞭的方式呈現出整首歌曲的氛圍,完成了這首帶有電子LO-Fi元素的 ChillPop歌曲。搭配淺顯易懂的詞句創作,簡易的率真有了共鳴,在喧嚣時無所顧忌,安然自得。也許世界混亂,日子也不太容易,但還是要用正面的思想感染宇宙,並相信都會過去的。關於自己的世界和生活,自己主宰,自得其樂,安然自得。聽「安然自得」一解生活苦悶。




看不到又 去不了
在哪裡是 什麼地方也別再想了

無所事事 看倜電視
無所顧忌 安然自得


別讓我 沈淪在這世俗的眼光



無所事事 看個電視
無所顧忌 安然自得


都一樣 改不掉就微醺到天亮
隨便啦 想不起的多年片段遺忘的地方
就這樣 改不掉就微醺到天亮

想發問面對末來 無常其實沒什麼

音樂發行 Published by 游手好弦娛樂股份有限公司 Easy Time Entertainment Co., Ltd.
製作人 Producer / 游政豪 Roger Yo
編曲 Arranger 1 游政豪 Roger Yo
吉他 Guitars |森白 B.K
和聲 Backing Vocals |潘嘉麗 游政豪
人聲編輯工程 Vocal Editing |謝豐澤 FT
錄音師 Recording Engineer l 游政豪 Roger Yo @游手好弦工作室 Easy Time Studio
混音工程師 Mixing Engineer | 游政豪 Roger Yo @游手好弦工作室 Easy Time Studio

2022 April 28

Alas, New music material!

Something that I wrote; in the midst of finding me. Hmm~ maybe I evolved from all the covers, the drama from work and life, feels from all the listening materials, from my coworkers through song writing sessions and life experiences from a sensible age onwards?

Everything counts.

Started recording last week with my first song, not really all smooth and easy, a lot of exploring and listening and feeling the music. I had the words and I had some thing in mind with vocals but it can always be better! Sincerely thanks to a great team!

Today is the second recording session and I wouldn’t say it is smooth, we had our agreements and disagreements but it’s done! The first song is finally done!

Also I wrote a new song right after the recording which was pretty cool and now I can’t wait to record the second song for next month!

Peace out!

2019 Resolutions

its really late sharing my resolutions for 2019.

but i still want to do it. what is yours? have you done or had a think about your resolutions for 2019?

mine are as follows!

1) spend more time with my mum and sis, granny too.

2) change up my perspective on my career as a whole.

3) going for upgrades as an artiste, musician and cheers to becoming a stronger woman.

4) travelling more with my love ones.

5) be open and free of myself and how others may think of me.

6) keep up with running.

7) be happy, comfy and at ease with myself.

hello 2019

hi guys,

I realised that i haven’t been writing or update of any sorts on my website. Please pardon me. These are the times when I really salute the bloggers who kept their blog updated even when they are jammed packed. Even if they hire a copy writer to do convey their updates, its pretty cool too. At the very least you get updated.

again, my bad for not updating as much, but if you dread reading, just follow my ig, fb page and twitter for a through and quick update of my everyday.

also, I dislike reading through what I’d typed and to correct my vocabs, grammar or even spelling. so again, please pardon me. XD

wishing you guys a very happy new year and a very happy lunar new year too to all my kellyfornians.

this year has been really bumpy, already experiencing ups and down in the 1st quarter of the year. i hope the other 3/4 will be smooth sailing and great. i know i’m gonna be fine.

lets look forward to year 2019 together!

lets go!



Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne

Greeted with a mini Carousel and all of the girls were excited, but my os was that omg this lighting will not produce pretty pictures if I’m using my phone to shoot. Nonetheless, i took a few with Jade and it turn out acceptable after some editing.

I’m usually not very participative in events but god knows why i decided to go for a Colourful eye make up there and then and tada! I got myself a hot pink winged eyeliner. I kinda like it once in a while. What do ya think?

The #udsingapore x #kristenleanne collection was flamboyant and exciting. I have the kaleidoscope palette and i can’t wait to put my hands on it. I tried this 2 looks subtlety enough for events but not over the top. What do ya think? I should go over the top?

This look is more of my comfort zone colors. Also logically chosen cos my color palette is autumn and these are the correct colors for me. #udxkl

I love Jade’s mermaid look and i tried to replicate it. You think?