To do list/ 2022

Instead of resolutions which I’m too late for, I’m going to come up with a to do list for 2022!

Number one: I would like to have a single every month and hopefully an album by the end of the year so that I can take part in the next year’s golden award taiwan.

Number two: I hope that I can have at least half of my own compositions in this coming album.

Number three: I would like to be able to go back to my In laws or visiting every special day or occasion, this is me playing my part of a daughter in law that is to bring their son home as often as I can.

Number four: I would like to have a few acting projects this year.

Number five: I would like to pick up a new sport preferably tennis.

Number six: I would like to pick up a new hobby, and I’m thinking floral arrangement.

Number seven: I would really like to stop shopping especially when I’m all stressed out.

Number eight: I would like to do a Marie Kondo for my wardrobe.

Number nine: I would like to have another plant! I’m still figuring out where can I put it though~

Number 10: I’m really looking forward to go back home in Singapore by CNY2023!

Number 11: Taking good care and staying healthy!

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