Yup, a cute and very talented musician. Wished I was 10 years younger than he is. Then maybe I would have a chance to Woo Him? Kidding.

So I did a duet with the Nathan Hartono – Jay Chou’s 算什麼男人.

Thank you to Warner music, my boss James and Nathan for making this happen.

Here’s our rendition, hope you enjoy it the same as we do.

Click on this link: 算什麼男人

算什么男人 – 向洋 Nathan Hartono 潘嘉麗 Kelly by 周杰倫 Jay Chou

續《太陽的後裔》,台灣經典偶像劇組曲 和 新加坡 歌手組曲之後我這次要來 cover 一下 周董 周杰倫 的《算什麽男人》啦!

而這次也找來了參與《 中國新歌聲 SING CHINA 》, 新加坡 之光 向洋 (Nathan Hartono)一起和我演唱!





Recorded at: Leo Studio

Engineered by: Frank Lee

Mixed by: Keith Ong

Guitar by: Fengheng Lee

Video by: RECKN Studios, Glenn Taubenfeld

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