Flea Market Bonanza

I just did a flea market. At Suntec city Convention Concourse Lvl 3. Not on my own, I was with Ting Lin and Shevonne.

I had 3 long tables and 4 chairs. So I brought my own rack. We each did. I came with 5 big bags of make up, clothes, bag and shoes.

My friend mention that I look like Dongdaemun’s whole seller.

Did any recognize me? Some did, some Kellyfornians came to support too and they got stuffs from me. I gave them good fan service, which means super duper good price. Hee

This is sorta how our store looked like.

Ting Lin is really good at sales! Shevonne is shy but she tries her best! We all sold stuffs.

I was left with 2 bags of stuffs and I donated them all thereafter.

The crowd came in after 3pm. Mostly families and mothers as there was a baby fair going on. They prefer new stuffs not preloved. So all in all, not a good spot for what I’m selling cos I don’t have the correct crowd. Nonetheless, some grannies got my clothes for their 8-12 year old grand daughters.

When is the next flea?

Anytime in future but definitely somewhere with ac and with the correct crowd.

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