WELCOME to #letskelly .com!

You can read more about me by clicking HERE.

Let’s Kelly is a digital portal where I share all my work and personal stuffs at one site. It’s not exactly a blog cos I don’t think I’m a good writer or story teller. BUT! I’ll shared loads of videos and pictures (with captions at least) of my footprints from this day onwards at Let’s Kelly.

I’ll am still doing music and works that I’d always been doing and they will be shared here too of course and you SHOULD subscribe here at Let’s Kelly for my latest works and updates. On top of that, I’ll be creating more online contents in videos as I’m now also working with #SSTV on Beauty and Style. Also, a tad on my personal life, say travels, will be shared here too. etc etc

To set sail on the launch of LET’S KELLY.com, I’ve prepared a #GIFTAWAY just for you! Just in time for Christmas too! I’ve have 9 gifts waiting to be WON. Watch this video NOW!

Here’s how you can win the gifts!

1) SUBSCRIBE to letskelly.com.

2) Only in this post at LETSKELLY.COM, Leave YOUR COMMENT here not elsewhere.

3) In the comment below, tell me which gift would you like to win.

4) LIKE and SHARE this post to your facebook and tag 3 friends!

5) Subscribe to SSTV’s youtube channel HERE and their FB/IG for my latest beauty and style videos.

6) To DOUBLE the chance of winning, tell me, what is your ideal Christmas celebration?

NOTE* Gifts are only awarded if you can do your own gift collection.

End of the giftaway contest is on 21st December and winners will be announced here on the 22nd of December!

So! Remember to come back here at letskelly.com to check!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all my Gift sponsors!

PS: There’s no need to be disappointed if you are not chosen, because it is Christmas with #12daysofsantakelly ! So you will have more chances to win the other prizes from different videos! Yes, so please subscribe and stay tuned to all my social media IG/FB/TWITTER and up coming VIDEOS for more gift aways!

Ho ho ho!!! ( updated on 23/12/2017)

The GIVEAWAY had ended and we’ll compile and contact the winners the soonest!

We have contacted the shortlisted winners and we will ask for ‘evidence’ !

Please help us by maybe prepping your screen shots of all the steps done?

If no response is made within 24 hours, we will pass on the gift to another.

psst! Some gifts have only 1 shortlisted winner, if he/she fails to reply, we will pass to another winner, if you are reading this, you might want to edit your comment and tell me your 2nd/3rd/4th choice?  XD

Thank you lovelies!!!

Ps: There’s lotsa giveaways going on in the other post here in letskelly.com !

So do check them out!

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Comments (59)

  • admin 6 years ago Reply

    Merry Christmas and Congrats to all the winners for this giveaway!

    6D Eyelash Extension Service – Winnie Yap
    Logitech MX Master 2S – Russell Lim
    Kenzo Perfume Set – Ching Sim Yee
    UE Boom 2 – Joey Chew
    The Bodyshop Gift Set – Cheryl Koh
    Laneige, Delights, Pop! Set – Esther Lee
    Mamonde, Gift Set – 黃仕綾 ( HUANG,SHIH-LING )
    Melissa Shoes – Chee Lay Yong

    Do check your mails for notifications and you can also email us for updates and verification!

    To those who did not win, it’s ok!
    Look out for more giveaways here in letskelly.com

    Thank you for participating!

    K Crew

    Ching Sim Yee 6 years ago Reply

    Wow, thanks Kelly and all the staff! Finally I can get Kenzo perfume, this is the best Christmas present. Haven’t receive the email yet, once I did will upload the photo of it. Merry Christmas!

  • Hooi Tew 6 years ago Reply

    2.Logitech master mouse
    3.kenzo perfume set
    4. UE boom 2

  • Kel 6 years ago Reply

    Rmb to chk your email or on your notification for email just in case you are shortlisted!^^
    Also i think you all shd put like your 1st/2nd/3rd/4th choice just in case the desired was not shortlisted by my colleague?

    Also! I’m just wondering.. when i post a comment, do you all get notified? Or when i update my post, do you all get notified? Cos i update on my post for giveaways updates.

    Ching Sim Yee 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Kelly, if you update the post we unable to know unless we check your website frequently. But we get notification when you post comment. May I know if we still need to put 2nd, 3rd qqchoice if we have been shortlisted?

  • Yun Lim 6 years ago Reply

    Hi, can annnouce the shortlisted winner here?

    admin 6 years ago Reply

    Hi yun lim, Unfortunately no, we will have to email the shortlisted and if there is no response after 12am, we will email another shortlisted.

  • Jason Koh 6 years ago Reply

    Ideal Christmas 2017 celebration like waking up late and having dinner together

  • Jason Koh 6 years ago Reply

    4. UE Boom 2
    2. Logitech MX Master 2S
    3. Kenzo Perfume Set

  • Lim Yan Xin 6 years ago Reply

    my ideal christmas celebration 当然是可以和family and friends 过! A hearty meal is definitely a must and I am always looking forward to the caroling!!!

  • Lim Yan Xin 6 years ago Reply

    my ideal christmas celebration 当然是可以和family and friends 过! A hearty meal is definitely a must and I am always looking forward to the caroling <3

  • Chloe 6 years ago Reply


    admin 6 years ago Reply


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