BTS – BEHIND THE SCENES of 偉大的渺小 UNTIL THE DAY by The story behind

MV directed by MAVEN

My call time was 5am and I had to wake up at 3am to prepare.

So my hair was done at PASSION HAIR salon and I am thrilled to do my own make up for this cover video.

My dress was from SocietyA and shoes are from PUMA – future past collaboration piece.

Can you guess the location?

There’s this ledge on the left side of the photo? I’m suppose to stand there to get a half or 3/4 body sky shot but cos the ledge is only my feet’s length width, my manager rejected the idea and then I’m relocated to the grass patch as you can see. Honestly, I rather stand on the ledge to get a nicer shot. For ART! But I followed everyone’s wishes.

What would you have chosen to do instead?

It’s a one shot one take cover video, so no editing on cuts or b roll but I had to give a good take every time. Which was a challenge cos of my poor memory on lyrics.

Look how pretty the sky color is?

NO filter NO editing. This is 7ish am.

We took about 10 one shots?

So while the production team are checking out my shots, I took the chance to be the camera man.

No joke, it’s very heavy. The camera together with the stablemate, moving around for 5 mins is like a 5 min plank work or more.

I did like a arm lift for 10 times thinking i could do 3 sets? Failed.

This was the ledge I was previously talking about. I’m suppose to walk to the edge.

This post sums up my BTS of this cover video.

Hope you’d like my rendition of the song.

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