GRWM – New Year’s Dinner getup!

I know I’ve to work on New Year’s Eve but I’m gonna go for a nice dinner on New Year’s Day itself. This is how I’m gonna doll myself up, give it a try too if you liked to try a vintage make up look.

I love warm tones, especially red and burgundy. But I’m gonna try a familiar color, Blue. If applied right, it will equally spell sensual, secretive and sophisticated. I’m gonna go with the cool color vintage but feminine look for my NY dinner.

Try it if you haven’t and you’ll be surprised by how it complements you.

This video comes with my last #12DayofSantaKelly giveaway.

Watch through and follow the steps to win!

I’m giving out 5 x Bobbi Brown Brush sets!

Tell me they are not gorgeous!!??

The clutch itself is pretty too!

So to DOUBLE your chance of winning, comment below to ask me something that you would like to know regarding Makeup (whether techniques or tips etc)! Or teach me something new regarding make up! Also! If you had tagged as many friends as you can when sharing this post on letskelly.com to your social media handle, let me know!  Do tell me your instagram handle too! ^^

截止日期 CLOSING DATE: 30-12-2017

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Comments (5)

  • Ching Sim Yee 6 years ago Reply

    嗨Kelly,你2018新年妆真的很漂亮,不过我相信也是因为你本来的皮肤就很好了!如果我赢取了礼物,可以用来学习第一次自己化妆了,特别是眼睛部分,因为我本来就不会化妆,不过之前为了婚礼注册买了一套化妆品,不过它们被打入冷宫啊。不过有了Bobbi Brown Brush sets我就可以根据你视频教的方法学习这简单又自然的妆,尤其眼睛。只是我的问题是,单眼皮女生(我)也能化出和你相似的效果吗?我很担心眼睛部分会让我看起来更小,更提供一些tips吗?

    新年计划去marina bay sand那里看烟花倒数,然后和一群陌生人挤地铁回家,呵呵!

    FB: Sim Yee
    IG: heart_fish99
    Youtube: heart_fish99

    Ching Sim Yee 6 years ago Reply


  • Shannelle Ng Ying Lin 6 years ago Reply

    Hello kelly!! Firstly if I could win this, I would totally give this to my beautiful mom because she always had to put on makeup whenever she go and she sometimes do lost some of her small makeup brushes etc..My plans for New Years would be hope everything will be well, work harder and study harder for my dream course!! Really been interested on how you cope with your skincare, hope you could show some techniques and tips on how your everyday facial skincare is like and also how you maintain your face to be so moisturizing and a fair skin tone!! Thank you so much!! 💗 Done everything as well as shared in FB!💙

  • Vennie lam 6 years ago Reply

    Hi kelly! I love watching your makeup videos! I’m actually a makeup idiot, i can never seem to draw my brows right. Do you have any tips regarding that? Appreciate if you could share your knowledge! 🙂

    I’ve shared this post with a few of my other friends as well! My ig is _vehnaylarm thank you and hope to hear from you soon! xx

    admin 6 years ago Reply

    Hi V! IMO, you have to decide how you wanna make yourself feel 🙂 eg. More feminine? Stronger? Confident? And also you have to consider your face shape too. First off, go to a professional eyebrow therapist and have a chat with them! Get your desired shape and from there you can start drawing you desired nice brows!

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