Q n’ A

This is one of the content that I’ll be sharing. It could be QnA, event hopping, my favorites or topics to discuss and share about.

If you have any topics etc that you want me to share or talk about leave me comment to let me know ok?

Shoot below in the comments if you have any Questions for me! And I’ll pick and answer in the next QnA!

Again, questions posted here in letskelly.com will have priority over other social media platforms of mine if you haven’t noticed.

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Comments (3)

  • Pheebs 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Kelly, have you ever thought of making a career switch even when you are a singer? If yes, what is it?

  • Andrew Lee 6 years ago Reply

    1)其实你有记得我的吗?哈哈哈 我每次tag你很多东西 会妨碍到你吗?有时都会有一点担心你会觉得我很烦
    2)对于你自己 有没有什么想要说的?做个一小段的自我介绍 哈哈哈
    3)继上一次去到韩国练习舞蹈 有没有想要再过去?然后直接来一首动感舞曲?
    4)如果演戏 以下你会选哪一类型的角色?护士?老师?OL?残缺人士?鬼?
    5)对2018年 你希望可以交出什么成绩单?

  • Ching Sim Yee 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Kelly you so busy but still look great all the time, I can’t even find dark eye circle or eyes bag (you look fresh all the time), can you share with us your secret?

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