Let’s Recap and Resolute 2018

Goodbye 2017.

Honestly, 2017 passed too fast and I somehow am really not satisfied. I felt like I could do more? or achieve more? No doubt alot of things happened in 2017.

I loss a great deal and gain too.

One of the greatest heartache for me was to lose whom I thought are my ‘good friends’. Well maybe not after all. Its always better to know earlier than later. Still it aches still whenever I think about them or what we’d before. Nothing last I learned or don’t assume the same. Actually, whenever others talk about never to ask for return? But just give. It’s so hard. Cos it mattered. Not like you have to get the same back but to never had it was another ball game. It’s not new to me losing friends through the years but gosh it hurts. And moving on without a pinch is impossible. Its like you are as sad as the dead sea but they couldn’t care less and with that thought you had to break free? Ah a torture.

I always thought I can always do the right thing but I’m only human and I make mistakes and wrong decisions too. I receive karma as soon as I make a U turn to make things right. How ironic. Its not meant to be.

Time, cold and factual. Its not the right time they say. Its funny how things work and happens. Might just come back and for the better or may not and evolve into something beautiful. Who knows? So make every decision count.

I’ve learn to Self-care and it is often a hassle and negligible. It is enforcing a mundane routine and eating healthy meals and face your problems and focus till you find a solution. It is like doing regular insanity workout or tell off a toxic friend or get a second job so you can have a better and more satisfied life.

Self-care should be enforced simply because we are often exhausted that we need sometime off our own internal pressure.

Anyways! Here’s a video I did and edited on my thoughts. 🙂

So I came across this article and I wanna share with you guys, read it for your own good.

50 regrets that will haunt you when you’re lying on your deathbed

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  • Andrew Lee 6 years ago Reply

    Welcome 2018 😘😘😘

  • Wes 6 years ago Reply

    Happy 2018 to you Kelly, I’m looking forward to seeing your new works ahead 🙂

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