Hey guys!

Its the start of a new year and I really wanna gift you guys something special.

Just for you, whom subscribed to Let’s Kelly.com and have been with me throughout this new stint since December 2017.

I have 1 pair of Clean Bandit Concert held on the 22 Jan 2018, Cat 1 Tix up for grabs.

Here’s how you can win this pair of tix!

1) LIKE and Share your favourite post/article in Let’s Kelly.com and Tag as many friends as possible  (the more friends you tag the higher chance you win) in your caption on Facebook .

2) Tell me in the comments of this post below, what you like + dislike about Letskelly.com so far and what would you prefer me to share more on? More on makeup? Fashion? Or something else that you like?

3) Tell me your favorite song of Clean Bandit and Why?

Hear from you soon!

Winner will be picked by 14th Jan 2018!

Do remember to check back!

Good luck!

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Comments (3)

  • Coral 6 years ago Reply

    Hello Kelly,
    1. I have LIKED and shared and tagged my friends. https://www.facebook.com/moistylange
    2. I’ve been an avid read of your blog since mid 2017.. What I love about Letskelly.com, is Fashion. I often will read on your blog and look up for help whenever I need help to style my outfits. I love that you have a unique taste. Dislike….? Probably you do not publish or have a category for FOOD. I’d hope you will consider on that. I’d prefer you to share more on FASHION. Like i say, I look up to your dressing a lot.
    3. My favorite song of Clean Bandit is ‘Heart On Fire’. There are plentiful of meanings to me behind that song. Also, 2017 has been a really tough rollercoaster ride and by starting off my new year with Clean Bandit, you would set my HEART ON FIRE like how Clean Bandit did. I’ve never been lucky with contests but I’m going to give it a shot anyways.
    Their songs have accompanied me throughout my schooling life and I felt like every album was representative of different phases of my schooling life. As such, I’m really really thankful for the music that they have produced over these years.. It would be amazing if I had the chance to see whom I have only heard their voices through my earpiece over the years.. Through their songs, it gave me the courage to caught after my dreams. Now, whenever I experience any obstacles, I know I only need to plug into Clean Bandit and I’ll have the strength to do whatever it takes to overcome them, as my love my life my drive came from pain!
    It will be a DREAM come true to see them. If i can win this tickets, it would really be the cherry on top. Thank you!

  • Vincent Chew 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Kelly,

    1. I have liked and shared and tagged my friends in FB. My FB name is vincentchew.👍

    2. I like Letskelly.com because it is a platform where your fans can get to know a different side of you and interact with you.
    However, as a guy, I am unable to relate to your tips regarding makeup and fashion for ladies. Perhaps, can you share about something more universal for both genders? E.g. You like and enjoy travelling. Can you build in some content which link to travel destination? I love Europe for its medieval streetscapes and building structure. What is your favourite destination? Any interesting travel tales? I also love your interview and interaction with Ed Sheeran recently. Very nice and super envy!😄

    3. My favourite Clean Bandit’s song is the one they collaborated with Sean Paul and Anne-Marie – Rockabye. This song is about a single struggling mother trying very hard to make ends meet to give her child a decent life. It encourages many people out there who are trying to make a living for family regardless of their jobs. I hope to have the chance to hear them live in Singapore to sing this awesome song. Thanks for organizing this giveaway!❤

  • Ching Sim Yee 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Kelly, thanks for arranging this flash giveaway in your website after Instagram to provide more platforms to your fans to get the gift. Already liked this post and shared it to my FB (FB name: Sim Yee).

    I like your page because it makes us close to your life and can see the things from your angle (we curious how artist see things), and there are some make up tips for us who not good to make up. Perhaps more video to teach how to match clothes in different location? Such as formal wear but can turn to casual look after work especially Friday? And also provide some tips on how to keep “fresh” and energetic all the time? Could be foods or other things to keep you healthy.

    Dislike part? Not really, but we might sometimes feel like our comments are not responded or take longer time, but this is acceptable because we know you and your team are busy!

    Among all the songs, my favorite song of Clean Bandit is “Tears”. It touch my inner part/secret about my previous relationship which I took quite few years to let go. The lyrics “I will I will I will get over you” just describe my feeling, so true!

    Thanks again for reading my message. If you aware, I have been followed your website since your very first post – 9 Christmas gifts giveaway! Thank you for the Kenzo perfume, love it so much! Hope can see more fun giveaway soon! Last but not least, Kelly you really a talented girl has a good and powerful voice. Gambateh!

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