Clean Bandit Special – Rockabye翻唱 ft. Arthur 阿德!

Clean Bandit concert is around the corner and I’m going to watch these talented people!

I’m sure their songs rings a bell to all of you out there.

So I’ve given out a few pairs of tix already and in this video, i’m giving out another 2 pairs also.

Let’s all enjoy the concert!

So this video here is a special collaboration with Arthur Choo.

I did a Clean Bandit Special – Rockabye cover ft. Arthur 阿德!

Arthur is an artiste, he is talented. He acts, plays a lot of instruments!

He is the founder of Beat a box and he is also teaching cajon.

His list of talents goes on and on.

It’s not the normal ‘serious’ music video you usually see from me.

It’s more of a fun and casual one.

Hope you guys like it!

Now I’ve a dilemma… which outfit should I wear?!

Help me decide?

ps: I’m a lil devil’s advocate.. hehe

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