CNY over already!?

I’m finally working on my website after my last incomplete post (w/o cover photo) which is like weeks or month(s) ago?

Doing this only now also cos I’m on the way to town and my data for the month has exploded. Meh. Why does my data just can’t keep in line?! Do you have that problem too? I’m in WiFi zone like 3/4 of the month, I monitor my usage on fb/ig and I don’t watch videos otg. So, what’s is the problem? Do share with me on how I can better manage my data? Or maybe I should call my telco again? Sorry I side tracked abit to rant.

So in a blink of an eye, cny is OVER! And honestly, is it too much Holiday or what? Feeling a bit lethargic. I need more work and maybe some new activities? I mean I did some but it’s was prolly not exciting enough.

Anyways, anyhow. How was your cny? Do you enjoy cny? Did you enjoy cny?

I always enjoy cny and I look forward to it. Other than getting Angbaos (cos I’m still not married). I’m not embarrassed if you are guessing. It’s tradition and I’m a traditional girl in many ways.

I love that I get to see my family once a year where everyone may or may not feel obligated to come together.

I love to hear stories and updates on my fam too. I love that I get to eat my grandma’s glorious spread of delicacies. I’m curbing myself from cny goodies tho. Too fattening but failed terribly nonetheless cos I had to help my mum finish our own stocks.

I love visiting to my friends too. As usual, I’ll always visit ah Bu’s place after reunion dinner

then the three of us

(And these 2 kiddos)

would meet up and visit each others’ on day 2.

Thereafter I’ll visit my music friends, batchies, zpgy and besties too.




Usually it’s the ‘gamble’ period too but I didn’t do many as well, cos my gambling luck was bad and I just had to stop. You sure can have some fun, but knowing when to stop is as important. And lastly, I love to shop for, dress up for cny too. Next post on what I wore for CNY!

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