Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne

Greeted with a mini Carousel and all of the girls were excited, but my os was that omg this lighting will not produce pretty pictures if I’m using my phone to shoot. Nonetheless, i took a few with Jade and it turn out acceptable after some editing.

I’m usually not very participative in events but god knows why i decided to go for a Colourful eye make up there and then and tada! I got myself a hot pink winged eyeliner. I kinda like it once in a while. What do ya think?

The #udsingapore x #kristenleanne collection was flamboyant and exciting. I have the kaleidoscope palette and i can’t wait to put my hands on it. I tried this 2 looks subtlety enough for events but not over the top. What do ya think? I should go over the top?

This look is more of my comfort zone colors. Also logically chosen cos my color palette is autumn and these are the correct colors for me. #udxkl

I love Jade’s mermaid look and i tried to replicate it. You think?

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