2022 April 28

Alas, New music material!

Something that I wrote; in the midst of finding me. Hmm~ maybe I evolved from all the covers, the drama from work and life, feels from all the listening materials, from my coworkers through song writing sessions and life experiences from a sensible age onwards?

Everything counts.

Started recording last week with my first song, not really all smooth and easy, a lot of exploring and listening and feeling the music. I had the words and I had some thing in mind with vocals but it can always be better! Sincerely thanks to a great team!

Today is the second recording session and I wouldn’t say it is smooth, we had our agreements and disagreements but it’s done! The first song is finally done!

Also I wrote a new song right after the recording which was pretty cool and now I can’t wait to record the second song for next month!

Peace out!

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