Recording June’s

This song 「不演了 Yield No more」, was written, arranged and produced by Roger, and I wanted a song referenced to one my my favorite [Sun woo Jung ah – Run with me]. We also decided to have the lyrics written by a master from Hong Kong. The lyrics was a little delayed but came in time for recording and the content was what we wanted. Roger was clearly thrilled and I’m just looking forward to recording.

Recording starts with enthusiasm but honestly a wreckage throughout!

On day 1, nothing. As in nothing recorded, not a word. I also cried in recording for the first time. Not because it was so hard to work with Roger but it was more on how could I not do it and how could I have made him lose his patience on me. Obviously because we are a couple and we might be too straightforward with each other and too at ease maybe.

Day 2, was not bad, we had 1/5 done and it was not a breeze. So much practicing on rhythm and melodic flows, I’m glad my vocal stamina was able to go through it.

Day 3 was cookoo! Only 2 lines were done. Can you imagine how torturous it was and how disappointing I was with myself? But no I will not be put down and I will go through this every minute every second and I know that I will become better.

Day 4 was 3/4 done finally and I hope we can be done by day 5/6. This day it was easier not a breeze but easier I think it’s also because Roger has decided to do it in a more efficient way a.k.a. lesser expectations From me? But I still trust that he definitely think that it’s OK and therefore we could finish at least 3/4 of it and even if we need to re-record more it’s fine.

Is it day six, anyways I‘m done with this song it’s all recorded and I just heard the rough, it could be better, I mean I could’ve done better but I really loved it!

I really can’t wait for the final product to be out to the public for listening!

So I wrote the synopsis for the song, I also designed the single cover and banner for promotion sake! Oh well, it’s not like I love to do all this but with budget constraints and manpower constraints~ I reckon that I’ll do it all myself and I’m happy to do it I just don’t know how good are they or are they even good enough.


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