I am Kelly, a Regional recording artiste, Song writer, Host, actress – Managed by Mode Entertainment / Warner Music; Content creator and I run my own artiste management – sixtwigs (www.sixtwigs.com) – on the side.

My friends would probably say that i’m a walnut. dull, boring and hard on the outside, yummy inside. I do take time to warm up to a new friend but if you are nice, i’ll be nicer. I’m also known to have a resting bitch face which i wouldn’t disagree with. But i assure you, I won’t bite. I’m a ganjiong spider learning to chill. I’m somewhat a workaholic, once I start something, I will have to finish it.

letsKELLY.com is a virtual space where I share everything I love altogether. Let’s hear…my new music. Let’s watch…my new video. Let’s get it, Let’s go, let’s share, let’s anything! Thus, let’s KELLY.

I can’t live without…LOVE in my life.

I believe…that we should own ourself, every decision and action counts. Everything happens for a reason and its a learning journey. And with Positivity, Passion and determination for what you love will pull you through to any obstacles ahead as you march towards success.

I must have…My Tv time everyday and something to read during waiting time.

I love…Travelling, impromptus and talking to myself.

I’m really good at…Writing and Singing weird melancholic songs.

I appreciate…loyalty and considerate people. Also when people can connect with, appreciate my works and see how much heart i put in them.

Other than here at letsKELLY.com , you could also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @KELLYPANJIALI, and you can also contact me for any works at hello@letskelly.com .