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2019 Resolutions

its really late sharing my resolutions for 2019.

but i still want to do it. what is yours? have you done or had a think about your resolutions for 2019?

mine are as follows!

1) spend more time with my mum and sis, granny too.

2) change up my perspective on my career as a whole.

3) going for upgrades as an artiste, musician and cheers to becoming a stronger woman.

4) travelling more with my love ones.

5) be open and free of myself and how others may think of me.

6) keep up with running.

7) be happy, comfy and at ease with myself.

hello 2019

hi guys,

I realised that i haven’t been writing or update of any sorts on my website. Please pardon me. These are the times when I really salute the bloggers who kept their blog updated even when they are jammed packed. Even if they hire a copy writer to do convey their updates, its pretty cool too. At the very least you get updated.

again, my bad for not updating as much, but if you dread reading, just follow my ig, fb page and twitter for a through and quick update of my everyday.

also, I dislike reading through what I’d typed and to correct my vocabs, grammar or even spelling. so again, please pardon me. XD

wishing you guys a very happy new year and a very happy lunar new year too to all my kellyfornians.

this year has been really bumpy, already experiencing ups and down in the 1st quarter of the year. i hope the other 3/4 will be smooth sailing and great. i know i’m gonna be fine.

lets look forward to year 2019 together!

lets go!